I like practical – I love pretty too, and if pretty joins practical, I’m in heaven, hehe -, which is why I’ve been wanting to make Miss P a T-shirt for ages. I hadn’t been able to find a pattern I liked though, until I stumbled upon this one by Mama Stellato. It’s a super easy pattern and very quick project, perfect for beginners or people who want to tackle sewing with knits.

Raglan Tee 5

I made this one using two of my old MNG T-shirts. I’m still not 100% confident with knits so it seemed like a better choice than using some of the fabric in my stash.

From this...

From this...

... to this

... to this

The T-shirt turned out great! Mama Stellato’s instructions are for making it with a sewing machine but I adapted them for my overlocker, as I find it easier/quicker to use with knits. I didn’t have ballpoint/stretch needles for it though so I used the standard ones. BAD idea! Well at least now I know why knits require ballpoint needle, haha! The seams are OK, but I can see that the needle broke little holes in the fabric in a few areas and after a few washes and wears they’ll get bigger and the T-shirt will become unwearable. Next time, I’ll definitely use ballpoint needles!

Raglan Tee 1

I made it in a size 2T so it is a tad big, although still perfectly wearable. I’ll just make the size 18 months next time. I find that sizing varies a little from one pattern to the other so when making my first garment, I always opt for the size up. That way, if it’s a bit too big, Miss P will just get to wear it longer. Nothing worse than spending all that time making something that ends up too small, I think.

Raglan Tee 2

And as you can see, it’s fit for all situations: playing ball with the dog, running around the backyard, or even doing a bit of commando crawling :)

Raglan Tee 3