One of my best friends recently gave birth to her second son and a few days later, her first son turned two so I just couldn’t pass the chance to sew something boyish, hehe.

Bunny & Tote

For the baby, I made this ultra cute little bunny – I got the pattern from my sister in law.

Bunny 3

(as you can see, I can’t tie a bow to save my life). It is so easy to make and simply adorable. I can see myself making a whole bunch more of these cuddly little things.

For his brother, I used this great tutorial found on From An Igloo‘s blog and made this Pirate Art Bag.

Art Tote 1

Once again, pretty simple to make. The only thing I changed is the opening. I wanted to make it easier to  handle for a two-year-old so instead of using a hairband and button, I made it with a little scrap of fabric and some velcro.

Art Tote 3

I got a bit distracted when I was making it and forgot to sew the lines of the crayons pocket. I only noticed it at the end, after I had turned the bag right sides out and only had the top-stitching left to do. There wasn’t much I could do, unless unpick everything and start it all over again. Needless to say, I wasn’t keen on doing that so I just sewed the lines through all the layers of fabric and fleece. Not the best look or result, but it could have been worse.