There are very few things that I like more in this world than receiving a care package from my mum. Have I told you how awesome my mum is? No? Well, there I said it – Maman, je t’aime et tu es géniale!

Care packages from France always contain those things I grew up with and can’t live without, like my favourite chocolate powder. I can’t find anything similar here, it’s either cocoa – which I’m also totally addicted to – or supersweet kiddies chocolate powder, so I get my mum to send me some. There is also usually a few pots of homemade jam; homemade by mum (see, she’s totally awesome) with fruit grown in my parents backyard. Yu-um! And French biscuits. And the books I read when I was little, which she sends little by little. It’s like Christmas everytime, really :)

This package also contained something special, some leftover fabric mum used to make me a pair of PJs when I was little. It’s a soft cotton blend (I think) and I’m thinking of making something for Miss P with it but I’m not sure what. A ragdoll? PJs? A blanket for the new baby? If you have any suggestions, please send them my way :)

Miss P also loves care packages, they always contain a present  handmade by either her grandma or her aunt, or both if she’s being really spoilt.

A knitted jumper and some biscuits are a sure way to make this little one happy, especially if she’s also got a new teddie to cuddle at night:

Totally spoilt! The both of us! Mum, I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you.