Miss P was in urgent need of some new pants so I recently whipped up a batch of my favourite Big Butt Baby Pants by Made By Rae. I made 3 pairs for Miss P, and with the little fabric left over, I made another 3 pairs for her little cousin, Miss J, who is also a cloth nappy baby.

B3Ps - Flower Power 1

B3Ps - Flower Power 2

B3Ps - Embroidered Denim 2

B3Ps - I Heart You 3
This pattern is the best $10 I’ve ever spent in my life. Including these last 6, I’ve made a total of 18 pairs! A pretty good investments I say :)

I made these in a size 2T, which turned out to be way too big. I’m not sure what I was thinking but for some reason I was convinced the last ones I made were the size 12-18 mths one and as they are now way too tight I jumped straight to 2T to give Miss P a bit of room to grow. Turned out her previous ones were actually in size 6-12 months. Duh!!! But that’s no big drama, the extra room around the butt didn’t bother me at all so I just shortened the elastic around the waist and hemmed the legs another inch, keeping the original length of fabric all tucked under so when she gets taller, I can simply undo the hem and redo it smaller. Easy peasy!