Sorry for the silence, we’ve been on holidays.  And we had a ball!

We set off just before Easter, drove for two days (1100 kms) to go see Mr A’s mum in Bathurst. We were a bit worried about the trip, wondering how Miss P would deal with it so we set off at 4am both mornings, trying to drive as far as possible before she woke up. I must say, she was really good. She did lose it a bit right at the end on the second day, but apart from that, she’s been an absolute angel.

Mr A, Miss P & Grandma

As soon as we got to Bathurst, Miss P thought she’d show grandma how clever she is and started walking! When we left a week after, she was getting quite the hang of it. It was so great for her grandma to be able to see her walk, she couldn’t have timed it better! Grandma was very pleased :) We had a fantastic time, and it was a bit sad to go. The drive is a killer, but it was well worth it.

After another 2 days’ drive, we came home to Brisbane for the night, then set off again to the Coast. Only just over one hour’s drive this time, easy-peasy!

We stayed there for 10 days, walking along the beach, dipping our toes in the water, and even swimming a few times (when the chilly wind had died down). The water was nice and warm but it’s getting a bit chill here now so it wasn’t really a ‘lie on the beach and get a nice tan’ kind of holidays. We still had an amazing and relaxing time though, made the most of the beach and just enjoyed being on holidays.

And guess what? Miss P HATES the sand! She wouldn’t touch it, so we had to either sit her on a towel or carry her in our arms. As soon as we put her down on the sand, she would start crying and hang onto our pants. What’s wrong with this child? ;)

And now that we’re back home, I have lots of things to show you. Hang in there, they’re coming soon :)