At the end of the last winter, my local fabric shop did a massive sale on all printed flannel fabrics. At $3/metre, I just couldn’t resist, so my mother-in-law (who was staying with us for a week) and I dragged my husband to the shop, promising I’d make a pair of PJ pants for him if he found some fabric he liked. He did, and we left the shop with about 10 metres of flannel, some for him, some for Miss P. Then it started to get warm again, flannel pyjamas weren’t required anymore so the fabric got stacked in a cupboard for months, untouched and completely forgotten, until a few days ago when Mr. A mentioned he needed to get some new pyjamas. It was time for me to make good of my promise:

PJs - Front

I used an old pair of his to trace a pattern but had to re-work it a little bit – it had ended up being way too large. Seeing the photo from the back, I’m thinking I might need to check the hem too, it might just be that the pants weren’t sitting properly over his feet but it looks quite uneven there :S  I have to say, I had to coax him into posing for those photos but hey, that’s the deal: I’ll make him clothes, and in exchange he has to give me 5 minutes for a photo session. Sounds fair, doesn’t it? :)

PJs - Back

I have a decent amount of fabric left and Mr. A suggested I make a onesie for Miss P. Really? Skulls for a little girl? What do you think?