My baby turned one last week. One. Wow, how did that happen? It seems just like yesterday that we were bringing her home with us, 4 hours after she was born. Yes, you read right, we were home 4 hours after Miss P was born and were I given the chance, I wouldn’t do anything different. One day soon I will tell you all about the fantastic team of midwives that form the Midwifery Group Practice here in Brisbane, I promise.


But back to Miss P and her first birthday. As is the custom, we had a big party to celebrate this special day. To think that it was just a few months ago that I was saying I wouldn’t organise a birthday party for her until she turns 3 or 4 years old because – and I quote myself here – ‘really, she won’t remember anyway, so what’s the point?’. Needless to say, that changed really quickly. The point, I know now, is simply throwing a party to celebrate this first milestone in my precious little girl’s life. No, she won’t remember, that’s true, but we will. When she is older we will be able to tell her all about it and show her the photos. After all, it’s not everyday you turn one :)

Birthday Banner 2

We had a really really really great day. Beautiful people, beautiful weather and a beautiful birthday girl who was in the best. mood. ever! She had an absolute ball, playing with her little friends and with her cousins and just being generally totally cute. She loved her cake and when daddy let her have a bit of the icing, she went into a sugar-induced happy babbling frenzy for a good half-hour. She was absolutely hilarious and, thank goodness, she was still in an awesome mood after that. Phew! ;)

Birthday Cake

Unfortunately, what with running around like crazy for a couple of days before the party to get everything ready, I completely forgot to charge up the battery of my camera; the battery which, of course, was almost empty and died after I took about 10 photos. So I don’t have many photos of the day to share with you, but I know a few other people have taken photos so hopefully I’ll be able to get copies off them.

I do however have this very cute picture of Miss P and her grandpa just before the party started. Miss P is very lucky to have all 4 of her grandparents, but by a stroke of bad luck, only my father-in-law could be here that day so this picture holds a special place in my heart:

To finish this post, I want to say a big THANK YOU to my sister-in-law, Sam, for cooking a lot of the food for the party and helping us make this a perfect day. We couldn’t have done it without her!

I leave you with a photo of Miss P, helping mummy make her birthday cake. One word: yum!