Little Star Upcycled Shorts - Front

These shorts were so much fun to make! I knew I had to have that pattern by So Tei-Tei as soon as I saw it. I just loved the cuffed legs and all the little details that make these shorts unbearably cute.

Little Star Upcycled Shorts - Back

I couldn’t wait to make some and, predictably, as soon I received the pattern I put it together and started chopping an old pair of pants of mine to use as the main fabric. I used one leg of it (they were 3/4 length pants), the front and back pockets and also re-used the buttons, button straps and belt loops as is. I could even have used the zipper but I very stupidly cut through it so I had to buy one. There wasn’t a strip of fabric in the pants that wasn’t long and wide enough to use as the waist and leg cuffs so I decided to use some fabric I had in my stash. And while I was at it, I thought I’d make it clash. And I L-O-V-E it!

Little Star Upcycled Shorts - Action 2

I made these shorts in size 2, thinking that Miss P’s cloth nappied bum wasn’t likely to fit in a size 1. They are still a little bit tight in size 2. They’re fine around the waist but they sit pretty low at the back. Doesn’t keep Miss P from crawling all over the place and climbing on the furniture so they’re fine really, but I might do them in size 3 next time. That way, she’ll also be able to wear them for a while.

Little Star Upcycled Shorts - Action 4

All in all, these were fairly easy to make. I wasn’t familiar with putting in a zipper so it took me two goes to get it right. You can see in the first photo the lines where I first stitched it; the shorts have since been in the wash so the stitching marks are all gone now, you wouldn’t even be able to tell I messed it up the first time, hehe.

Little Star Upcycled Shorts - Action 1 Little Star Upcycled Shorts - Action 3 Little Star Upcycled Shorts - Action 5

I just love her face in the last photo! She wasn’t about to burst into tears, she was just doing her trademark ‘Miss P face’! :-)