Well, here it is: the most daring, time-consuming, hair-pulling yet satisfying project I made for Christmas. My dad is quite partial to shirts and asked me if I could make him one. Sure! I bought a Simplicity pattern (#4760), found the fabric (and that, believe it or not, was the hardest part of the whole project: finding decent fabric for men is like trying to find a pin in a haystack!) and got to work.

It took me days to make this shirt and I had to stop a few times and do something else for a few days because I was getting to the stage where I was just procrastinating (oh, look, there are dishes to be done, better get that out of the way before I work on the shirt; oh and look, there’s a pile of laundry that’s just calling me to wash, dry and fold it!). I’m the kind of person who likes to see results quickly. If I work on something, I want to have at least something to show at the end of the day and that wasn’t happening with the shirt. Deciphering the instructions alone took me hours! I’m no professional sewer, have never taken a sewing class and had never used a printed pattern before. All the patterns I’ve used before were PDF patterns bought on the internet from fellow bloggers and all included clear, detailed, step-by-step explanations and photos. This was a tad different. No photos, just illustrations, and a jargon I didn’t always quite understand.

But I made it. I poured my love, my sweat and my tears (and a bit of my hair, from pulling it out so often ;-) ) into this project and I finished it just before Christmas. Of course, given it was being sent to France it meant that my poor dad, and everyone in my family, got his present a couple of weeks late. Oh well, he’s too old to believe in Santa Claus anyway :-).

I used a shirting fabric that was a polyester and cotton mix and in retrospect I should probably have used a 100% cotton fabric. The fabric was quite slippery and it was fraying like nothing else! The finished shirt is OK though. Not perfect (hey, that was my first one, I’m happy with OK :-) ) but wearable. Apparently the cuffs button up the wrong side around (oops!) and the fit is quite large (I used the measures my mother had given me as reference but the shirt was designed large, it turns out). I know for a fact that my dad wore it to a family dinner so it can’t be that bad, can it? :-)

And I even managed to convince hubby to model it for me. Thank you Mr A! :-)