Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas, surrounded by the people you love, and sparing a thought for those you couldn’t spend the day with :-)

We had a fantastic day here, surrounded by Mr A’s family, with lots of food, drinks and presents. Even the pouring rain did not ruin the moment. Now that Christmas is done and behind us, I can get back to blogging about all the gifts I made. They took a fair bit of time but they were all so much fun to do!

 I had an absolute ball doing those monsters. The great thing about them is that, being monsters, they don’t have to be perfect (good excuse, huh?). I used the Monster Doll Tutorial from Dragonfly Designs\’s Blog to make these. William is the first one I made, which you can tell by the look of him, poor thing ended up with a flat head! He also had very thin legs which turned out ok in the end as he ended up as a Secret Santa present for one of my mother’s group’s bubbas. The little dude who got him is Miss P’s age and let me tell you, these monsters legs are very chewable :-)


Albert was the next one. I rectified the head shape and the width of the legs.


Then I made Camilla and Charles:

Camilla & Charles

Aren’t they cute?