Remember the Dinosaurs Flannel Pyjamas I made a couple of weeks ago? I put a photo of it on Bettsy Kingston’s Flickr pool and she liked them so much she posted the photo on her blog and offered me a free pattern. How sweet is that?

Even nicer still, she actually sent me two patterns, the pattern for the Market Skirt (which I had been eyeing off ever since I bought her Jack & Jill Romper pattern) and then she saw I had made an attempt at making bloomers a while ago so she also sent me her Nappy Cover pattern.

So thank you Bettsy Kingston for making my day. You rock! :-)

If you’re interested in Bettsy Kingston’s patterns, check out her etsy shop by clicking on the image below (patterns are PDF files sent by email, so there’s no postage fee)*:


By the way, I made another pair of flannel pyjamas last week. Turns out nights are still a little bit cool and we stopped using a sleeping bag for Miss P so all-in-ones are exactly what she needs right now:

*Bettsy Kingston is not sponsoring me to write this blog post. I am simply sharing something that I liked and thanking them at the same time.