Rest assured, I’m not talking about my big butt ;-) I’m talking about Miss P’s. She’s a cloth nappy baby. I love cloth nappies and I wouldn’t swap them for disposable ones for anything in the world, but they do pose a problem: they make our little pumpkins’ butts pretty big and make it hard fitting them in store-bought pants. If you buy pants that are the right leg size, they’ll end up being too tight around the bum and if you buy the size up so they fit the bum, the legs are way too long. See my dilemma?

Well, my problem is no more! A few months ago, back when I decided to buy my sewing machine, I stumbled upon Made By Rae‘s fantastic blog and found her Big Butts Baby Pants pattern. It’s the first pattern I ever bought and the first thing I ever made when I received my sewing machine and I never looked back (you can find pictures of my first attempts here and here, and the ones I made for a friend’s son here and here). It’s the best pants pattern ever! And the extra panel at the back means it fits Miss P perfectly without being too long in the legs. B-E-A-utiful! :-)

There’s another good thing about these pants; they’re quick to put together. Without interruptions, I reckon I could make one in about 1 hour. Now I just have to find a time of the day when I won’t get interrupted… hmmmm… let’s see… 1am?

I made 3 pairs just in the last few days:

And off I go, to make another pair :-)