Once upon a time, there was a handsome daddy who, every night after dinner, gave his cute baby girl a bath. The baby girl, named Miss P, was a tiny little pumpkin when this tradition started but quickly started to grow and grow and grow, until her hooded towels became too small for her. The daddy couldn’t wrap the towel entirely around poor Miss P anymore, and it was very difficult to dry her. And so the handsome daddy went to see mommy and asked her if she could please make a bigger towel, so that Miss P wouldn’t get cold when she got out of her bath. Mommy happily obliged. She sat at her sewing machine and with a couple of hours of work, made a new, bigger, hooded towel for her cute little munchkin, who will never get cold again.

It was fun and easy to make this towel and I’ve been thinking about other possibilities: making a wider bias tape to add a bit more colour to it, adding an appliqué, dyeing the terry towelling… If you have any other ideas, I’d love to hear them.

Talking about fabric dyes, I have never used those before. I had a quick look online to see what’s around but if you have used some and have some tips and/or recommendations, I’m all ears.