Every year in spring we have the same problem: Jano loses her hair (for those who didnt follow Jano is our dog :-) ) and being a Kelpie/Staffie cross, in winter she grows TWO layers of hairs. Two!!! You can imagine the state of affairs when she starts to lose them. They’re everywhere, on the floor, the walls (not kidding!), any piece of furniture, the couch, Miss P. No matter how many times I vacuum it comes back within 5 minutes, so I’ve learned to live with it. It all comes with having an inside dog. I draw a line at the couch though. I don’t mind her getting up on the couch; she won’t actually get up unless we invite her, but she’ll sit there staring at us and nudging us until we do invite her up. I just don’t really like sitting on a mat of dog’s hair.

That’s where my latest project came from. I thought, if I managed to make a fitted sheet for Miss P, surely I can do something similar for the couch, for Jano to lie on.

It’s bright, it’s loud but it’s perfect, and Jano loves it.