Despite the fact that it’s spring and that it will soon get too hot for her to wear anything but a nappy in bed, last week I bought a pattern for pyjamas/onesie for Miss P: Bettsy Kingston’s Jack and Jill Romper pattern. I also bought a stack of flannel at Spotlight (at $3/metre, how could I resist?) and because there’s this rule about how all patterns have to be tried straight away, I made some flannel jammies for the little monster. We’ve had a few cool nights last week so she got to wear it twice, and it’s a little bit big so hopefully she’ll be able to wear it again next year.

When I cut out the patterns pieces and assembled them I thought it was going to be a tough one: I’d never made a garment with that many different pieces! But it was actually quite easy, the instructions are simple and easy to follow, the pieces are easy to sew together and the result is fantastic. I’ll definitely use this pattern next winter to make Miss P’s pyjamas.