I’m sorry I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve been insanely busy: a baby so cute I want to spend all day playing with her, the never-ending chores, guests and a fair bit of sewing kept me away from the computer. Also, my mother in law stayed with us for a week so I made the most of her trip up here and did a lot of sewing with her, gathering plenty of handful little tips in the process.

The first item I made with my mother in law was a high-chair padding. Miss P’s high-chair is a hand-me-down and the vinyl-type padding on it was slowly disintegrating, leaving black bits all over Miss P, the floor, the dog. In short, it was a mess. So we went to the shop and picked up some funky fabric. I went the lazy way, I bought the fabric already quilted with a different fabric on each side, but it would be an idea to do it yourself, using a really cool fabric and maybe using thicker batting to make the cover even more comfy.

So instead of a boring, broken, plain black high-chair cover, we now have this:

Miss P in her newly re-upholstered chair

My mother-in-law has been into doll making lately. She made ‘sleeping/awake’ dolls (I wish I had a photo to show you…) for Miss P’s cousins and brought the makings of a standard doll  for Miss P, so we could make it together. We didn’t get to finish before she left as we were missing some material (like the all-important polyfill) but at least I had sewed the body, the dress and the underpants:

I also haven’t forgotten my first passion: knitting. I am knitting a cotton dress for myself (yes, something for meeeeeee :-):


But what I really wanted to share with you today is one of the best Sundays ever.

Miss P. woke up at 5.30am yesterday morning (yikes!) and Mr. Papa was very kind: after she got fed, he got up with Miss P, leaving Mrs Mommy eternally grateful that she could have another hour’s sleep. And everybody knows that early mornings call for something special. When I got up at 7, Mr Papa went off to the shops to get some milk so he could make crêpes (French pancakes) for breakfast. Have I got the best husband in the whole world or what? :-)

So here it goes, the recipe for a heavenly Sunday breakfast:


A perfect Sunday breakfast!



  • 1 cup flour
  • 1.5 cup of milk (350ml)
  • 1 egg 
  • Vegetable oil or butter

Put flour in a bowl and form a well. Add the egg, lightly beaten and a dash of milk and start mixing, adding the milk little by little.

Warm up a flat-base pan on medium-heat, with a little dash of vegetable oil (or butter). Before you cook the batter, make sure you pan is heated evenly and not just in the middle. Using a ladle, pour the batter in the pan and wriggle it around to cover the whole base of the pan. Return to the stove and cook for a minute or two (until golden brown)  then turn the crêpe over and cook for another minute, or until golden. Before adding another batch of batter, wipe the pan with a kitchen towel soaked in vegetable oil (or butter).

Stack the crêpes on a plate as you go along and cover with a clean tea towel to keep them warm.

Yum, yum

Serve with jam, Nutella, sugar, lemon juice, or whatever else you fancy.

The French version:

French style: with (homemade) jam; or Nutella

French style: Folded into a triangle

The Aussie version:

Aussie style: with sugar and lemon

Aussie style: folded into a roll

A visit from grandpa and burgers on the BBQ for lunch completed this beautiful, sunny day and a lot of rolling around on the deck made for a very tired Miss P at the end of the day:

Happiness is a comfy boobie