I’m in love. I fell head over heels in love… with cotton voile! It’s light, it’s breathable, it’s simply perfect for the Australian summer.

The first time I bought cotton voile, it was by mistake. I meant to buy some white, standard, light-weight cotton but I was in a hurry (and Miss P was starting to lose it) and grabbed the wrong fabric. When I got home and realised my mistake, I decided to make a dress for Miss P. That’s when I fell in love. The dress’ design is the same as the lime green one I made a couple of weeks ago, but I find it looks even better with cotton voile than with normal cotton:

I was so happy with the result, I went straight back to the shop to buy a metre of printed cotton voile (or at least that was my excuse to buy more fabric ;-) ) and used it to make Made by Rae‘s Baby Sunsuit. I had been wanting to make this for a while  and I now had just the perfect fabric:


Isn’t it gorgeous? The only alterations I’ll do next time is to make it a bit shorter as this one goes down to her knees (I took her measurements with the nappy on), and I’ll also probably shorten the straps a little bit to make it a better fit. Hmmmm, I can see a lot of sunsuit-making in the next few weeks…