It’s funny how discounts can be inspiring, don’t youthink?

Until now, I’ve always bought fabric in small quantities, usually 0.5 metre at a time, just enough to complete my projects. But last week, there was a sale on some fabrics at my local store and I had a sudden epiphany: I was going to make fitted sheets for Miss P’s bed! So instead of the usual 0.5m, I bought 2m (I know, wild, hey?) of a lovely pink and white stripy fabric.

Fitted sheets are a pain to buy. When they’re for cot beds, they usually come in sets which include a flat sheet, a pillowcase and sometimes a cot bumper, all of which are completely unusable on a baby’s bed because they present a risk of suffocation. So I was simply going to make one, easy peesy. Surely that wouldn’t too difficult to make, would it?

Well, actually, I was surprised to find out it really wasn’t that difficult at all. I measured Miss P’s bed (height, width and length), added it all up, added a few centimetres for seams allowance and set myself to work. Cut the fabric, cut the corners, sewed them up, sewed the elastics in the corners and finished all the edges and tadaaaaaa! For under $10 and less than an afternoon’s work I had a cute fitted sheet:


Well, that’s another thing I’ll never buy again… :-)