No matter how much I tried, there was no resisting it… I have given in to the world of blogs.

I taught myself how to sew a couple of weeks ago. Well, when I say ‘taught myself’, I should really say the Internet taught me how to sew. I bought a sewing machine, read the instructions and immediately jumped online to find tutorials on everything I needed to know. And whilst browsing all these fantastic blogs where mums are sharing their creations with the rest of the world, providing great tips and ideas, it just dawned on me: I HAD to create a blog too.

So for my first post, I thought I would share my first ever handmade dress. I made a couple of pairs of baby pants to start with but this was my first attempt at making a dress for Miss P. I found a perfect tutorial on From an Igloo‘s blog and here’s the result:

Why do I loooooooooove this dress?

_ There’s no pattern, it’s made using your little one’s measurements so it’s a good fit guaranteed

_ The shirred back and adjustable straps allow for room to grow

_ It’s versatile: you can play with fabrics, the hem and bodice length, the width of the skirt (make it a straight or twirly dress), and it could even be shortened to make a cute little top

I love it so much, I’ll make another one this week-end :-)